Wanted – Speakers for REO Business Presentations

Speaking is the best way to  demonstrate to the world that you are an expert. Get up in front of people and let them see your expertise in action.

Are you an expert? Do you have a presentation you’d like to give to your fellow entrepreneurs and small business people? Then let us know right away!

Use this form to submit a proposal for your presentation.  We’ll review your proposal and get you scheduled to speak at the earliest opportunity.

Questions/Answers – why you should Present to REO?

Q.Will REO be sponsoring the workshop and securing a location?

A.​Yes, we are/will.

Q. Will REO be marketing the workshop?
A. ​Yes… and we expect that you will also let everyone you know about it, as well! Every little bit helps!

Q.Will REO keep workshops closed, only open to members?
A.​The workshops are open to REO members… but that only means that they join the meetup to join the workshop. It’s pretty basic, but it’s also easy to cross market. We can discuss…i’m sure it will be ok for you.

Q. Are you asking me to speak at a conference?
A.NO. We are not doing a conference.

Q. What are the available Dates?
A.We am not booking any specific dates. We will be booking a couple events each month and we’re flexible about when and where they can be.

Q. Am I paying speakers to do these talks?
A.It depends. There are free talks and there can be workshops. Free talks are the basic 60-90 minute meetup group sessions where you get to tell people about what your all about, and teach them something that leaves them with a nugget or two of wisdom they can put to work immediately. Workshops are Half day or more sessions that we set up and promote for you. We charge for workshop attendance and we split the proceeds.

Q. Why are you asking me to fill out a form?
A.Because, if you want to do a session, we’re going to ask you for that information anyway. This way, it’s easy for me to get the information from you all at once in one place. I’m only asking for the information we need to create and schedule your session. No more, no less. Obviously, then, if you don’t provide all the info we need to schedule a session, we can not do it.


Here’s the form: http://raleigh-entrepreneurs.com/new-presentation

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